Mobile CSP

AP Computer Science Principles
Endorsed by the College Board

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Teaching this course has lit a fire in me again.

*Notes and responses were taken from phone conversation with Mobile CSP*


How many students are you currently teaching?
This is our 1st year offering the course and I currently have 16 students (8 boys and 8 girls).

What tips would you give other educators who are using the Mobile CSP curriculum?

The Mobile CSP lessons are 45 minutes and my class is 39-40 minutes. This can be a challenge but it’s doable. I would recommend teachers develop a plan that works best for you. For example, a semi-flipped course. It make take a little practice to get everything just right but it’s possible.

How has Mobile CSP changed how you think or feel about teaching?

Teaching this course has lit a fire in me again. I’ve been teaching CS for 19 years now and this course made me happy to be here again. It’s so different from other courses where you may never learn the principles. In AP CS A, you learn about coding but students do not have an opportunity to learn about topics such as protocols and cyber security. I teach a web design course and I’ve incorporated some of the lessons into my other classes because it’s such a unique outlook on the topic.

Other tips, tricks, or insight you would give to teachers considering Mobile CSP
I would definitely tell them to sign up for the summer course and the academic year support. The professional development was hard but it really made a big difference in preparing me and helping me to be confident enough to teach the course. (My Master Teacher), Lukas, is a savior. If you want that back up when you’re teaching, your Master Teacher is there for you. Make sure you know the unit and lesson ahead of time. This course has also helped me develop helpful and useful tactics to improve my overall teaching. It’s even helpful in my other classes. (In the research project, we were required to film ourselves). I was really uneasy about this at first but now if I’m unsure about a lesson, I will record myself and reflect. The recording really helps me. I’m use the practices Mobile CSP uses to develop and improve. I’ve learned so much and students go home enjoying themselves and excited about what they’ve learned.

Patchogue-Medford High School
Cindy Moshman-Southworth