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Mobile CSP PD Overview

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In an effort to help teachers who may be unfamiliar with Computer Science Principles or who may never have taught Computer Science previously, Mobile CSP provides professional development to educators wishing to use the Mobile CSP curriculum. Below is an overview of the Mobile CSP Professional Development.

Part 1: The PD Course

Part 2: Academic Year Follow-Up

Mobile CSP offers two types of PD courses.  An Immersion PD  is a short course (~ 50 hours) recommended for teachers with signficant experience or knowledge of computer science.  In this course teachers will be introduced to the CSP framework and to the main goals and content and pedagogy of the Mobile CSP course.  They will experience a small sample of the course's lessons but will be expected to master the content and pedagogy on their own. 

The Extended PD (~ 90-100 hours) is 4-week course recommended for teachers who lack significant prior knowledge of computer science.  In this course  teachers  spend approximately 25 hours per week working  through a large selection of the Mobile CSP lessons in an accelerated fashion, and then, for each lesson, discuss and reflect upon how they would teach that lesson. After each lesson teachers evaluate their ability and confidence to teach that specific lesson.  During the Extended course teachers will:

  • be introduced to Computer Science Principles and broadening participation in Computer Science,
  • review the AP CSP Course and Exam Description,
  • learn about best practices and Computer Science pedagogy,
  • discuss logistics of running a Computer Science Principles course,
  • work through a selection of the Mobile CSP course's seven content units which are the same as those completed by the students during the academic year,
  • maintain an online portfolio of their work,
  • complete tthe Create Performance Tasks as well as grade sample projects submissions using the Create Performance Task rubric,
  • complete the final exam as well as a post-course questionnaire,
  • receive support from a Master Teacher
Below is a description of the PD support provided during the academic year.
  • Professional development through participation in periodic hangouts and webinars with project leaders, facilitators, and master teachers.
  • Classroom support provided by master teachers throughout the school year through an online platform and the use of video recorded lessons.
  • Collaborative support through access to online forums and an e-mail group to share ideas and materials with other Mobile CSP teachers and master teachers.