Mobile CSP

Mobile CSP

AP Computer Science Principles
Endorsed by the College Board


The Mobile CSP Project, through its support from the National Science Foundation, has a limited amount of funding for scholarships for participating schools and teachers.  These scholarships are intended for teachers in school districts that cannot afford the tuition.  Scholarships will prioritize schools that have never offered computer science, serve underrepresented students, and have high percentages of free-and-reduced lunch students.

Applications for scholarships are now available and will be applied to professional development tuition in immersion or extended formats. Teachers will be required to submit a signed letter from the school's principal stating that you will be teaching the course in the next academic year.  Scholarship applications will be evaluated approximately once a month. You will be notified via email of the application decision. If applying for a scholarship, you should still submit the $50 deposit to reserve your spot in the PD, but do not submit full tuition payment until you receive a decision on your scholarship application.

Submit a Scholarship Application

Funding Options

If you are a teacher or school looking for available funding options to cover the costs of starting the course, you may find this Mobile CSP IT Funding Suggestions and Recommendations document helpful.

Perkins funding may also be available in your district. Mobile CSP qualifies as one of the courses to be added in a three-course CTE Pathway. One example pathway is:  (1)Exploring Computer Science (2)Computer Science Principles (3)Computer Science A.