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Gallup Report on CS Education

Google commissioned a report, Searching for Computer Science: Access and Barriers in K-12 Education by the Gallup organization that has some interesting information about the state of CS education in U.S. schools and the attitudes toward it by parents and administrators. 

Overview (From Google): Building on ideas from our 2014 publication, Women Who Choose Computer Science—What Really Matters, we commissioned Gallup to conduct a comprehensive research effort to better understand influential factors among U.S. students. Through surveys of thousands of students, parents, teachers, principals, and superintendents across the U.S., this research examines perceptions about the value of computer science among key stakeholders in K-12 education and evaluates the opportunities for students to become more involved in computer science before college. The respondents include statistically significant numbers of Black and Hispanic students and parents for the purposes of identifying differences across racial groups. Searching for Computer Science includes a selection of key findings from this research project, with additional releases planned for the future. 

 Some data points from the report: 
  • 91% of parents want their child to learn CS, but less than 8% of administrators believe demand is high. 
  • Half of principals and superintendents cite the lack of trained teachers as a barrier – greater than the need for technology. 
  • 3 out of 4 principals say their school offers NO CS programming/coding classes