Mobile CSP

AP Computer Science Principles
Endorsed by the College Board

Mobile Apps for Hartford

On behalf of the Mobile CSP team, I am pleased to announce that this summer we will launch a new program in partnership with the City of Hartford. The program, Mobile Apps for Hartford, will provide 20 high school students who have completed the Mobile CSP course, with summer employment, sponsored in part by the City of Hartford. Mobile Apps for Hartford will begin July 7th and will run concurrently with the Mobile CSP 2014 Summer PD for a total of 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks, the 20 students will work to develop mobile apps for local organizations.The students will work with 2 Trinity College undergraduates and will be supervised/lead by Mr. Joseph Kess (from our Summer 2013 cohort). The program will also provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their career skills and provide them with college readiness advice (e.g. information on the college application process). An application will be made available in the coming weeks.



If you are a Mobile CSP student interested in applying for a position in the summer program OR a Mobile CSP teacher who wants a student to apply, please find the application by clicking here. The application deadline is April 30, 2014.