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Computer Science through Concurrent Enrollment: A Strategy to Broaden Participation

Computer Science through Concurrent Enrollment: A Strategy to Broaden Participation

Join the online panel discussion with higher education leaders on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 (3 - 4 pm CDT)

Most U.S. states support college-readiness and access through dual enrollment, in which high school students enroll in college courses. Concurrent enrollment (CE) allows students to take college courses in their own high school, taught by high school teachers approved by the partner college. CE has positive effects on students' education, but rarely is computer science (CS) available through CE. Unlike Advanced Placement, CE provides college credit to students who are assessed throughout the course rather than by a single high-stakes exam/project. This panel (originally planned for the SIGCSE 2020 program) will showcase four different types of post-secondary institutions' experiences offering CS-through-CE and discuss its potential as an entry point into CS for students underrepresented in computing, including those in urban and rural settings. The interactive online event will engage participants in exploring the supports and barriers to CS-through-CE, learn how panelists address challenges (such as teacher credentialing), and access additional resources.

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About Mobile CSP

Mobile CSP is a College Board-endorsed AP Computer Science Principles curriculum and professional development based on the theme of mobile computing. The course:

  • Engages students in building socially useful mobile apps in App Inventor;
  • Uses project-based programming and computer science lessons;
  • Emphasizes writing & communication skills;
  • Fosters collaboration & creativity in the classroom.

Since 2013 the Mobile CSP project has provided professional development to more than 700 teachers and reached more than 30,000 students globally.  

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